Samba Bamba Percussion Workshop

"Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act" The National Curriculum for Education

Fun, Inclusive & Educational

Hello and welcome to the Samba Bamba and “Bash Your Trash” website.

Samba Bamba and “Bash Your Trash” are separate workshops based in the North West of England sharing a common goal: - to provide an educational, inspirational and fun day of music and percussion involving the entire school. Everyone gets to participate, from nursery and reception right the way through to year 6 and beyond, not forgetting the teachers of course! But that is not all!

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The arts add quality and challenge to our lives, making us question and reflect on our thoughts, feelings and values and helping us respect the views of others.

(Policy to Partnership: Developing the Arts in Schools, March 2000).

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